A Lil' Suttin Suttin About Us

Established in 2013, Fly Royale is the brainchild of Founder and Head Designer, Ché “Fly High” Murray.  

OUR NAME: The “Fly” in Fly Royale was derived from the founders nickname. The adjective not only describes the founders fashion sense, but also his ambition to soar to greater heights.  The “Royale” represents where he is from, THE COUNTY OF KINGS aka Kings County aka Brooklyn, NY. Why the “e” at the end of “Royale” u ask!? Simple, the founder is a big fan of the classic Quentin Tarantino masterpiece, “Pulp Fiction”. There is a scene where actors John Travolta and Samuel Jackson are discussing the differences between American and European cultures.  John Travolta explains to Samuel that the McDonald’s in Paris dont have a “Quarter Pounder w/Cheese” on their menu due to them using the metric system over there.  Samuel asks, “So what they call it?” John answers, “a ROYALE w/Cheese.” Lol.  

OUR LOGO/CREST: The pigeons and ski mask represent the grit, the hustle, the “by any means necessary” of Brooklyn and New York in general (really, all inner cities).  The crown and crest represent the Kings & Queens of our beloved County(and beyond).  The Latin phrase in the ribbon, “Aliter Secetur Vestis” translates to  “Cut from a different cloth” because we are not like most! We different different! From another world even.  

With the relaunch of Fly Royale, we bring some added flavor with the addition of founders brother, Kofi “Soup” Murray, co-designer(responsible for the creation of our new crest/logo). Also, proud to announce the addition of founder’s 10yr old daughter, Cheney Murray, who is now  Head Designer for our children’s collection, “Royale Heirs”.

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Clothing brand devoted to the children of the KINGDOM. They are all... 


Represent! Represent! As a member of our Royale family we would be honored...